Houses in vedic astrology

In each chart, 12 houses exists and each house is related to a special part of our life.

Vedic astrology, which is different from tropical astrology, is a lunar sidereal astrology .

So Jyotish is based on the actual star’s positions in the sky which are different from the map of the sky used 2000 years ago as a reference for tropical astrology.

As a consequence, there is a gap of 23 degree between those two types of astrology. That’s explain why your zodiacal vedic sign (moon sign in Jyotish) and your ascendant vedic sign are totally different from what you might know.

1st House or Ascendant

First house shows your ascendant sign. It is the zodiacal sign placed at the East at the moment you were born.

The ascendant sign is crucial to your existence. It gives informations about your physical caracteristics, your physical strenght also, the solidity of your body, your general health, your vitality and your major personnality caracteristics as well.

The ascendant ruler, the planet that rules the first house, is the planet that will rule your life in general. This planet, its dignity, its aspects and conjunctions will give more indications about your personnality and how people perceives you at first.

Ascendant ruler ‘s placement in a chart will indicate your major life’s direction.

2nd House

The second house is about money or what we consider as valuable, also our capacity to be materially prosperous, our financial stability and what we possess materially speaking.

This house gives indications about how we spend our money. It represents also our family (the one we create), our values and our ancestors as well.

It represents our chilhood and the first steps of the education we receive. This stage of life is very important to build our self esteem. It is also during this period of time that we experience the world and the environnment through our mouth. 

So, this house indicates the mouth and everything related to it, as foods, words and speech. It can also represents teeth, vocal cords, eating habits and way of speaking.  

3rd House

The third house represents our inner quality, our talents or gifts. It’s what we are naturally good at, without much efforts.

This house is related to our mental strenght, our willpower, determination and how much brave we are.

It represents also our siblings (specially younger ones), our close friends and our neighbors.

It indicates our capacity to communicate specially at work, and shows our writing’s skills.

This house is a Upashaya (3,6,10,11) house, that’s means it’s a dynamic house connected to expansion and condensed a lot of energy. Plus, this energy gets better with time.

This house is related to relocation (12th from the 4th = means “loss of home”).

4th House

The fourth house is connected to happiness which depends essentially from our sens of security. It’s a Kendra house, one of the four most auspicious houses in a chart. Kendra houses help material, intellectual and health prosperity.

Our sens of security is deeply linked to our home, our house and our tools of locomotion. The fourth house represents our family, our parents specially the mother, our familial material legacy and our maternal bloodline.

Concerning body parts, it represents breasts that nurture us physically and psychologically. It allow us to built ourself, give strentgh to our heart and shows the love that we receive, as well as the education received by our mother.

The fourth house’s major point is creating an inner peace space where emotionnal satisfaction can grow. A sanctuary created to experience love and compassion.

5th House

The fifth house is a Trikona (1,5,9), extremely auspicious which shows our good karma !

This house shows our capacity of material expression, to create in the material world.

As a consequence, it represents our artistic creativity and our own children. This house brings happiness in our life, it links to our sens of well being, sports, money, recognition, luck, love relationship and flirting.

It represents also higher learning (received or transmitted), practical therapeutic health care, meditation, yoga, puja and Yagyas.

6th House

The 6th house is a Dushtana (6,8,12) and a Upashaya  (dynamic) house. It represents every kind of obstacles, difficulties, illness, ennemy, debts and arguments.

It’s also about competition, sens of duty, what we must do even if it’s not really pleasant to do it, daily routine, serving people, helping someone in need, pets.

It represents capacity to heal someone or ourself. It shows our ability to face obstacles as well.

7th House

7th house is a Kendra (1,4,7,10) and a Maraka ( killer house : could be a painfull) house.

Opposite to the 1st house which is all about “self”, the 7th house is about others. When we confront others, we are facing another way of thinking and understanding the world so we must adapt in order to interact. 7th house is all about our ability to adapt to others and doing compromise.

That house shows other people, contracts, association.

So it indicates our spouse, our teamworker, diplomacy, court.

It represents also our reputation or status, our hobby, our superficial sexual desires (8th house will be more about deep sexual connection), a foreign house, a trip. Concerning body parts, it’s about veins and sexual organs.

8th House

8th house is a Dusthtana house so a dynamic one ! A Dushthana house is always about hard things in life so it implies a deep transformation but with pain most of the time.

8th house is connected to “rebirth”.

It represents our weaknesses.

It’s about physical and psychological pain, time line and longevity also.

It shows sudden events in life, cataclysm, unexpected events. Mystery, secrets, occult science (like tarot or astrology for example), intuition, weird illnesses. Everything that is hidden, so what we don’t see easily like underground (so gazoline, precious stones, rare metal…)

it indicates also other people’s money (2nd house from the 7th) so financial help, taxes and loan. it is about financial uncertainty like bankruptcy, gambling, speculation.

As for body parts, it represents sexual organs.

9th House

9th house is a Trikona house and the most auspicious one in a chart!.

It represents our destiny, our Dharma (our vocation, what feeds our heart).

It indicates spirituality, spiritual values, higher study, religion, high political or spiritual status, human or divine law, luck, positive karma, teaching, philosophy, teachers or spiritual master.

10th House

10th house is a  Kendra (1,4,7,10) and an Upashaya  house(expansion 3,6,10,11 that grows with time).

Extremely powerfull and dynamic, this house is connected to action and our professional activity (meaning: workspace, co-workers, career and its ups and downs, our status inside society, our reputation and the way we show ourselves to the world.

Opposite to the 4th house of private life, the 10th house is our public life.

11th House

11th house is a Upashaya (3,6,10,11) house, dynamic and about expansion .

It represents ambition, material and spiritual desire attainment. It’s about projects, successes, gains, profits, healing, satisfaction, wishes and hopes, self realization.

It is also connected to older siblings, friends and friendship.

Concerning anatomy, it is related to legs, ankles, the left ear and blood circulation.

12th House

12th house is a Dushtana (6,8,12) house, it is a struggling house but allows huge self transformation inside out.

It is considered as a Moksha house which lead us to spiritual awakening.

This is the house of losses of all king like: loss of landmark, foreign country where we feel lost, loss of freedom so prison, hospital or secluded places like temples, loss of ego and loss of problems ! It could be about loss of the body so death, loss of money so bankrupcy. 

12th house represents hidden things, mystery and secrets.