What is “Jyotish” ?

“Jyotish” means “Light’s science” and is a lunar and sidereal astrology from India based on the actual star’s position in the sky and placed the moon in the center of the attention. 

Indian astrology will show you who you are deeply, your own karma that you need to relax in this actual life, and your major life’s purpose.

Corrective tools like stones, mantras and Yagyas (sacred ceremony dedicaded to a planet) bring harmony to your particular chart, release your karma and help you to live your life peacefully (with less stress or resistance).

In order to interpret your astral theme according to vedic astrology, 3 informations are needed : your birth date, exact time of birth and place of birth

Discover different type of consultations. Your astral chart and your solar revolution.

Perfect tools to evolve and transform yourself.

Indian astrology courses.

Explanation about astrologic houses and planets used for vedic astrology.

Learning and understanding by yourself.

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